Ode to Nature

How the seasons change?
With them the colours,
the trees,the animals and the skies.

How the days and nights go on?
In an eternal cycle.
Melting into each other.

In the day the sun,
replenishing ,re-energising,brings light.

The evening,
a canvas of colours blending.
Masterpieces of nature emerging.

Then the night falls
and swiftly comes the band of stars,
lead by the moon.
The clouds hiding it
and sometimes giving it away.
A game,a sort of child’s play.

How the wind blows?
Carrying on its wings,
the message of rain,
which arrives soon
hidden within clouds,
which burst open,
stabbed by thunders.

How the snow falls?
Like little stars falling from sky,
only they remained so little.
Melting at a finger’s touch

How the time moves?
Ever so silently,
yet announcing itself aloud
Centuries,decades,years,months,weeks and days
and their hours and minutes,
passing away into tiny seconds.
every moment ticking away,
leaving change behind it.

How beautiful the universe is?
Never could it be captured in words,
no matter how deeply they are written.
For it can only be seen and felt,
with two eyes and a heart,
which is one with it.

Strangers on a Street

very often two glances meet

In a crowded street

Puzzled, smiling, expressionless sometimes

In such fashions , each other, they greet

New strangers,new faces every moment 

And the glances repeat
Few eyes meet

in these ephemeral glances

Strangers come together

In these subtle chances

Life gathers in tiny traces

Reflected in two eyes

Upon backdrop of faces
The stage is set

Characters come and go

Some move along

Few break the flow

Destinies unfold while humans conceit

With planned coincidences

Do Strangers meet.