Very often. 

Very often I have found myself

Torn between two thoughts

Been guided and misguided

But lived through these lots. 

I have been struck down

And been discouraged to stand up. 

Very often, I have given away 

All that I ever desired.

To borrow a moment of happiness

To outgrow my skin, to move on

Very often I have left my past behind

But it always catches up

And pulls me down into darkness

I have been left desolate and forlorn.

Very often in such times

I have found my inspiration

Among these failures and setbacks

I discovered my motivation

Very often I have been defeated,

But never given up. 


Time is a fascinating concept
Growing with us, on us.
Like a great controller
Adjusting things, making changes.
Rolling the dice,it shifts characters
In and out of life and death.
We are so believing in it’s game
that we measure our lives with it.
Past and future are non existent.
You never see them come and
You never see them go.
It’s our own creation that keeps us busy.
Our own ‘time’ that haunts us.
First man learnt to measure a day
Then came hours,minutes and it went on.
Can’t you see we are all racing
equipped with rocket fuels and roaring engines
we are bound for sure destruction.
While man will always be caught
between past and future.
I will let you in on a secret.
There is only one time
and that is now and
it will always be so.