Longer intervals long to linger
Testing you against the unforgiving
You have been taking exactly
The same you have been giving.

Merry mirages mired in mystical myths
Illusions set afar in a future too deep
Dead dreams knocking in dusty graves
Surroundings so surreal set as if
a still sleep
For cheap you sell out old dreams,
Forgetting the promises which were yours to keep.

Take what you want from this universe
Giving back in the same amount.
As adds on and on each new verse
In the end, it’s today that will count.

The Modern Era

Modern era is reckoning us,
inviting us to step out with our weapons..
I speak of pens, guitars and compasses.
Do not bring out nukes and guns.
Weapons which shall not hurt or harm
let your pen reveal the inner storm
your brush strokes express your hatred.
your words and letters your creed.
Forge your swords and spears of steel
in our art our anger we must reveal.
Let not your hatred claim your ink
let no feelings of ego find a link.

Change and Move-On.

For too long
I have lived
For approval
Fear and
Vanity has
Left me alone
And now I
Can’t be even
With myself.
For too long
We have been
Ruled and ordered
To live and dress
And walk and talk
And laugh and play
And listen and obey
In a certain
For too long
I have been
Quiet and
Answers for
I was
It is only
For too long
I have been
Without change
And I feel
It is certainly
The time
To move

It’s About You.

It’s not your style until you define it.
You don’t know it until you find it.

There is no road unless you take one
no path until you make one
No dream until you create one
No life until you appreciate one.
No journey unless you begin one

There is no going until it’s tough
No struggle to remember if it’s not rough

No tears to cry if there is no loss
No victory is decided on coin toss

No luck no destiny if you aren’t brave
No ambition unless there’s a desire to crave.

No friends no family unless it’s you,
You don’t preach unless you are through.
What I say, it all is true,
But you have to find it for you.