The Cosmos

I am a little whirlpool,

in a violent stream

Choked on my own

silent screams.

Moving through the crowd,

forlorn, for desires

I barter my dreams

My eyes ragged,

And so, is my jeans

So I Masquerade in

shady themes

I am a dark wave

shooting space.

So anachronistic in

These times extreme

Riding light through

space & time.

My soul is splitting

right at the seam.

My Dreams

Oh!, How I dream?

About dreams lost,

About my past,

Of ccompassions,

Of passions,

Of emotions rushed,

Of desired hushed,

and I have dreamt.

Of rough mountains,

Of tender oceans ,

Of rocky moonlight,

Of blazing lights,

And bewildering sights

Oh, how I dream!

About her eyes

I dream of lies

That I tell myself

When I wake up

That it is reality!

And I am living

Only in a dream.

The Wave of Discomfort

A serious phase is dawning on me

As I am being swept by this torrent

My mind is a little further from me

As I am fighting this current

The ones I love are drifting away

When they are gone,

I’ll lose my way

If not me, then who

Is controlling my fate

Who within me,

Is spreading this hate?

So long I surfed this wave

Now a new path I shall pave

For it is time to collect the bill

For everything I ever gave.

Unravelling Myself

I am unravelling myself

In Between events

Intercepting time and space

Unaware of my own

I am revealing myself

To myself in a mirror

And I find the reflection

Mystical in myriad ways

I am unknown

While I am knowing

That understanding

Is layered in time

In between events

Of absolutely

No importance!

~ sahar


There is an anger
Hidden Within all of us
Only Few can Control it..
Controlled by it are others

Driving us,  dividing us,  trifling us
Making us imprudent and unwise
From within like a serpent thus
Evil plans it does devise

There is some anger
Pushing it’s way to outside
Through words and deeds
When expressed,  spreading vice

Blaming us,  defaming us,  claiming us
Playing with our emotions
From within manipulating thus
Creates conflicting notions

There is little anger
Within all of us
But if you can kill it
Or just ask it to hush

Compress it,  suppress it,  express it
Forget it and never recall
If you can just somehow control your anger
I promise you can control it all.

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