Ramblings 1

I have been buzzing with questions

So silent and so Impatient

So loud and so volatile

I have yet much to decide

The paths that set me free

And the holes to the void

After all we will die

Leave immortality behind

And the dreams you dreamt

Time sweeps them aside..

Unravelling Myself

I am unravelling myself

In Between events

Intercepting time and space

Unaware of my own

I am revealing myself

To myself in a mirror

And I find the reflection

Mystical in myriad ways

I am unknown

While I am knowing

That understanding

Is layered in time

In between events

Of absolutely

No importance!

~ sahar

The Kickback

I am forced to type,

When I want to write .

Cause there is this hype ,

People don’t read books any more.

Paper is obsolete .

and they read outta screens.

I am tired of those type.

Who just talk and don’t think any more ,

I am forced to follow

When I want to explore

Not smile in fake pictures

Drink potions or mixtures

I want to experience it all

But not out of some chemical

Drugs can’t revisit that call

Which I am trying to hear

While I painted pictures of my own

There is a world who wants to tear down

I am forced to bear witness

To the horrors and terrors

of the things I didn’t choose.

I liked being simple

they made me complicated

and now my habits, they tell me

cannot be tolerated

I am leaving for now

but I will be back

this my friends,

was just the kickback!