The Wave of Discomfort

A serious phase is dawning on me

As I am being swept by this torrent

My mind is a little further from me

As I am fighting this current

The ones I love are drifting away

When they are gone,

I’ll lose my way

If not me, then who

Is controlling my fate

Who within me,

Is spreading this hate?

So long I surfed this wave

Now a new path I shall pave

For it is time to collect the bill

For everything I ever gave.

The Truth About Popularity. 

“The truth about popularity!

Is it in the falling flashbulbs ?

In the softness and the ambient praises,

In hush-hush, hum-drum, in the rumours. 

Walking amongst a pack of hungry hyenas,

Ssh…ssh… They hear it all. 

Hopeless vanity for lookalikes,

Breaking snap the mirrors. 

They sucked on my energy,

those sharp silhouettes in my rear view. 

Controversial clips of the news,

Surreal tapes and sensual nightmares. 

Sudden explosions disturb my gravity,

Hell, I know the truth about popularity.”
      – Mayank ‘Sahar’ Mishra 

The Blind Magician

He was a trickster
A true master of slight.
The perfect conjurer,
A star shining too bright.

As he moved around the stage
His shiny black robes flowed
The crowd watched him in a daze
At his will,space bent and time slowed.

His art was fantastic
And the presentation surreal
When he did something drastic.
Crowd believed the magic was real.

They thought he could fly
And wondered aloud in amazement.
As he disappeared in the sky
And returned from the basement.

One day a trick went wrong
And no one was wise
But only the magician knew
He had lost his eyes.

The magician survived
In his own dark world
Kept pulling out of his sleeves
A bird after bird.

He did each trick perfectly
Even though he could not see it.
He felt each of his audience
Even though he could not be it.

There was only one trick,
that the magician knew.
That they all see,
but observers are few.

– © Mayank “Sahar” Mishra 2016


Perhaps my words have crossed all barriers,

for what I feel doesn’t need any carriers,

I have grown in between my words over the years.

To be heard, I don’t need to get  loud,

I ain’t waiting here for a response from the crowd.

Just passing by like a tune on the Oud.*

*Oud- A small handheld string instrument.


Perhaps the world I envision is long gone,

I see no colours, only a monotone.

I know a few things which only I have known.

Everything around me has melted in one,

don’t ask me for answers, for I have none.

may be my vision is a subject for revision.


Perhaps I am letting too loose, or holding too tight,

crouched alone in a dark corner or shining too bright.

Trust me, without dark there is no light.

Discovering and forgetting it all again,

I am simply exploring the waters of life’s main.

No surprises, nothing hidden, I will come plain.


– Mayank Mishra (Sahar)