Ramblings 1

I have been buzzing with questions

So silent and so Impatient

So loud and so volatile

I have yet much to decide

The paths that set me free

And the holes to the void

After all we will die

Leave immortality behind

And the dreams you dreamt

Time sweeps them aside..

My Bad 

Lower down the brightness 

prepare a dark ambience 

I am revealing the devil inside me,

make room for a little darkness. 

Hey what you looking at, 

get me the poison of my choice. 

I remind you again very soon,

you shall croon to my voice. 

I am the devil and it’s just my bad,

I am not happy thus revealing my sad,

I need a faith and the love I had,

or else I too am going to be mad. 

My conscience long bargained 

in cheap, priceless stores. 

Aged among antiques, stored 

I was more priceless than the Titanic aboard. 

Only my alter ego 

My semi consciousness, my ‘no’

He stands where I cannot reach

cutting across definitions that I cannot preach. 

They call it my failure

my karma , my sad , my bad. 

But I know it’s a tale told too tad. 

After all it was all my bad. 


              – Sahar