My Dreams

Oh!, How I dream?

About dreams lost,

About my past,

Of ccompassions,

Of passions,

Of emotions rushed,

Of desired hushed,

and I have dreamt.

Of rough mountains,

Of tender oceans ,

Of rocky moonlight,

Of blazing lights,

And bewildering sights

Oh, how I dream!

About her eyes

I dream of lies

That I tell myself

When I wake up

That it is reality!

And I am living

Only in a dream.

The Wave of Discomfort

A serious phase is dawning on me

As I am being swept by this torrent

My mind is a little further from me

As I am fighting this current

The ones I love are drifting away

When they are gone,

I’ll lose my way

If not me, then who

Is controlling my fate

Who within me,

Is spreading this hate?

So long I surfed this wave

Now a new path I shall pave

For it is time to collect the bill

For everything I ever gave.

Solitary Musings. 

I don’t know,
what’s right and wrong anymore.
I have blurred those lines,
beyond vision.
And I know not, whether
I should continue on this journey
Or return to being who I was.
Life is an easy puzzle,
If we only pick the right pieces.
Or else it becomes veiled,
Behind a screen of screens.
One day you see something
And the next it is altogether
a completely different scene.
I am confused if I should
try harder or let go,
go along or let this wave pass by.
Maybe the next one
will carry me along with it.
To the shore,
where my dream still awaits.

– sahar (Mayank Mishra)


They had met each other only in their dreams,

and when they saw each other for real

they thought it was a dream. Such was their dreamy love.



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