My Dreams

Oh!, How I dream?

About dreams lost,

About my past,

Of ccompassions,

Of passions,

Of emotions rushed,

Of desired hushed,

and I have dreamt.

Of rough mountains,

Of tender oceans ,

Of rocky moonlight,

Of blazing lights,

And bewildering sights

Oh, how I dream!

About her eyes

I dream of lies

That I tell myself

When I wake up

That it is reality!

And I am living

Only in a dream.

The Wave of Discomfort

A serious phase is dawning on me

As I am being swept by this torrent

My mind is a little further from me

As I am fighting this current

The ones I love are drifting away

When they are gone,

I’ll lose my way

If not me, then who

Is controlling my fate

Who within me,

Is spreading this hate?

So long I surfed this wave

Now a new path I shall pave

For it is time to collect the bill

For everything I ever gave.

Love up to you.  

While I slip by 

Your jousty curves 

And your silver pearls 

I will fall in 

With your straight eyebrows. 

I will give in 

To your soft touch. 

If you stop me 

By your hurtful moan 

I will be your wolf 

You be my moon. 

While I erase 

Your older deeds 

Give me new sins 

To remember you by. 

While I condense 

This time to you 

You give me my 

Moments of eternity. 

I never entail 

What your feet cover 

I only wander 

In the sense of your hair 

It’s shining 

Her skin is fair. 

If I stole 

A look from you 

Glance me all day 

While I glance you. 

Through your night shades 

Give me your dusk 

Since the morning of love

Till the night of lust. 

If I divide 

In the line of your curves 

And seldom appear 

In the curve when you smile 

Consider this 

It takes a while to live up to you. 

My Muse

Her silence,speaks volumes
In a symphony, like a tune
her anger says she loves hard,
her actions reveal her heart

Her fire measures her warmth
her eyes speak her story
she marks her presence faintly
committing her crime so saintly.

Her touch has lingered,
and it talks on about her
longing to feel once more,
the way she made me feel before.

Her laughter echoing,
Has left behind a smile
Now she is gone and I realise
That nothing anymore is worthwhile.

– Mayank ‘Sahar’ Mishra

Why We Do The Things We Do ?

I still love her the way I always did
Things don’t end in a Single moment.
My words pleased and hurt her.
Words can be dangerous things.
We should always weigh our words.
She taught me many things
The lesson to manner myself
To be gentle like my poetry.
Neither I understood her words
Nor did she read beneath mine.
I had a lot of complaints.
But the storm will eventually subside.
When there is nothing left of you in me
There will still be something left
My face which was reflected in your eyes
The lucid realisation of our hidden parts
Revealed in one master stroke.
No, there is more darkness hidden
But neither I or you can take it.
Because we twisted each other’s arms
At the first sight of it and hid
Deep Inside our egoistic sheets
Of beautiful cruelty and vain perfection
But even when one day she sits alone
She remembers me by my goodness
And doesn’t hate me where I faltered.
For we are humans and imperfect
And we always wonder in loneliness
Why we did the things we did ?

In My Soul.

The material body is destructible
It will pass into the void soon
The ashes will remain behind.
Our dust will rise to the moon.
Our hearts and minds are small
But our souls are large enough
To speak directly to other souls
And then know silently that
Love never departs, it just evolves
From pleasure to pain and then
It slowly moves to define yourself
And it gives peace to know in my soul
That she loves me more than I can know.

   - sahar