A Poem for Poems

“If one day,
your thoughts are free
then don’t stop amigo
be all you want to be.

If one day,
all your emotions,stand
in your way then
master them today.

If one day,
your pen bleeds like humans.
know this , your words
they only suffer your deeds.

If one day,
you write too much,
and write all your heart out
as all my days are such

Then, do not let your poetry
lack words or alphabets
for they are only tools
and poets are only fools.”


 – Mayank “Sahar” Mishra

Change and Move-On.

For too long
I have lived
For approval
Fear and
Vanity has
Left me alone
And now I
Can’t be even
With myself.
For too long
We have been
Ruled and ordered
To live and dress
And walk and talk
And laugh and play
And listen and obey
In a certain
For too long
I have been
Quiet and
Answers for
I was
It is only
For too long
I have been
Without change
And I feel
It is certainly
The time
To move


They had met each other only in their dreams,

and when they saw each other for real

they thought it was a dream. Such was their dreamy love.



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