In life you are measured by the promises you keep and the dreams you make true, and not for the promises which you forgot and the dreams you gave up on.

A Poem for Poems

“If one day,
your thoughts are free
then don’t stop amigo
be all you want to be.

If one day,
all your emotions,stand
in your way then
master them today.

If one day,
your pen bleeds like humans.
know this , your words
they only suffer your deeds.

If one day,
you write too much,
and write all your heart out
as all my days are such

Then, do not let your poetry
lack words or alphabets
for they are only tools
and poets are only fools.”


 – Mayank “Sahar” Mishra

When Thoughts Betray.

And you will be shocked to know
That the irony is that
It is those moments that are closest to me
Which I have failed to record in my words
Repeatedly betraying me
Like a mirage in a desert
Those experiences which
Are killed as thoughts,
as though murdered
during birth,
by a witless counterpart.
Are actually
my best moments,
and the closest to my heart.
It is like the invasion
of one thought by another,
like demolishing of a world
a whole new culture
and a way of thinking
by a wholly new and
strange way.