An Excuse for not Writing. 

If you are a writer of any sort and looking for excuses to placate yourself over not writing enough or not updating your blogs frequently enough, here are some which I use upon myself regularly. 

-> Some days it is simply writer’s block which could stretch on for an indefinite period of time. 

-> Some days the ‘writer’ is the ‘block’. 

-> Some days the will to write is interrupted constantly by the realisation of a lack of experience about the subject. 

-> Some days the environment isn’t just so good and conducive to produce good words on paper which convey meaning. 

-> Some days we writers just don’t wanna write.  That’s when we are busy experiencing so we can write about it later. 

-> Some days our creativity is just not activated enough to give the desired output, so we decide to lay off the typewriter. 

-> Some days , like all great literary geniuses, we undergo self- criticism and understand that our work isn’t good enough thereby tearing off or burning away whatever we write. 
Ok, enough excuses for not writing.  

If you liked my excuses and feel with them, do let me know. 

Writer’s block

Writer’s block ?
A lame excuse
given by many
who try to set a price
to an art or few words.
a shield used by those
who don’t wan’t to deal with life
you can find them everywhere.

Creativity demands patience
a thing every true artist knows
so don’t rush it
we are not machines!

sometimes I go months
without having written a word
for endless days I feel
locked and caged like a bird.
I know these aren’t blocks
for I am no writer
these by all means
are my stepping stones
to life.
these silences
are responsible for
the music in my life.

Whenever I have stopped
I have begun anew.
With new meanings added to life,
Everything changed !