I am.

I am not the broken star

 Which falls solitary at night. 

Nor the black sky, 

Which craves for light. 

I do not belong
to this majestic world, 

I am but a lonely bird. 

 I am not the falling rain 

which regrets, why it fell in disdain. 

I am not the lovely rose. 

With pleasure,
which fills people’s nose. 

I am but the tender wine. 

Slipping upon a shiny lipline. 

 I am not the gushing wind. 

Nor I am the surging breeze 

I am your deepest thoughts. 

Not the drenching rain, 

But I am all that draughts. 

 I am not a helping hand
Nor a shoulder to cry on 

but I am that fainting light
which blinks far far away
and says to ‘go on !’ 

 I am not your last desire
neither hope nor a fire 

I am but a speckle, a splinter
Which shall never retire 

Burning brightly though small 

this is what I am
and that is all. 


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