Meet the poet


Creating a poem is a unique and mesmerising experience, as soon as lines flow imparting a shape to your thoughts, the poem slowly breathes to life and talks to the reader.

One should always read works of great poets like Frost, Wordsworth,William Blake etc., their perspective on poetry will enlighten and guide you to a better understanding of my poems on this website.

When I began composing, I always got stuck at definitions and labelling and tagging emotions in my poems, but that was just wrong because poetry writing is the expression of feelings and not merely giving our sentiments a name.

I couldn’t agree more with Eli Khamarov in his statement,

“Poets are soldiers that liberate words from the steadfast possession of definition.”

I like to write all sorts of things ranging from articles, poems, scripts, drama, short story, fiction and non fiction. For me writing is as much essential as living or breathing. Thus,

“Poetry is just the evidence of life. If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash.”                                                                                                                                                   – Leonard Cohen

I am a wanderer of sorts. I have so many lifetimes inside myself. I am not one single person but I am in part the consciousness of everyone I have ever met. I am you.

“Poetry is nearer to vital truth than history.” – Leonardo da Vinci

So far I have explored a little of the psychedelic world but I am intrigued by it. My writings are purely by instinct. I feel I can say things better if I write them down or flow my thoughts in the form of a verse or a poem. Words, language and ideas have great powers, I just like to combine all three. I live and breathe to write. I also like clicking photos with my camera, taking solo trips across mountains and meeting strangers.

If you like my work please take the time to tell me at


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