Are you Following ?

Are you following ?

Your heart, your nerves, your thoughts

Or just buzzing around like a fly

Ephemeral and without purpose

Drifting along in the breeze

Rolling around like a moss ball

Being swept around by the gales

Or changing the tides,  

making a dent

In this mighty universe.

Are you moving on ?

Or simply standing around

Waiting to be swept off your feet

By some other grandeur

Fixed like a star you are

With painted emotions

Or are you ?

Painting new horizons

With every breath stroke

Beginning with your will again

When you think you are broke,

Are you listening ?

To the sounds around

Or simply hearing the noise

Hear hear, the little voice inside

In its faint tone it is calling you out wide

To strike your mightiest blow

And make a dent.

Are you following ?