The Kickback

I am forced to type,

When I want to write .

Cause there is this hype ,

People don’t read books any more.

Paper is obsolete .

and they read outta screens.

I am tired of those type.

Who just talk and don’t think any more ,

I am forced to follow

When I want to explore

Not smile in fake pictures

Drink potions or mixtures

I want to experience it all

But not out of some chemical

Drugs can’t revisit that call

Which I am trying to hear

While I painted pictures of my own

There is a world who wants to tear down

I am forced to bear witness

To the horrors and terrors

of the things I didn’t choose.

I liked being simple

they made me complicated

and now my habits, they tell me

cannot be tolerated

I am leaving for now

but I will be back

this my friends,

was just the kickback!


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