My Bad 

Lower down the brightness 

prepare a dark ambience 

I am revealing the devil inside me,

make room for a little darkness. 

Hey what you looking at, 

get me the poison of my choice. 

I remind you again very soon,

you shall croon to my voice. 

I am the devil and it’s just my bad,

I am not happy thus revealing my sad,

I need a faith and the love I had,

or else I too am going to be mad. 

My conscience long bargained 

in cheap, priceless stores. 

Aged among antiques, stored 

I was more priceless than the Titanic aboard. 

Only my alter ego 

My semi consciousness, my ‘no’

He stands where I cannot reach

cutting across definitions that I cannot preach. 

They call it my failure

my karma , my sad , my bad. 

But I know it’s a tale told too tad. 

After all it was all my bad. 


              – Sahar 

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