She Found Me

She lifted the veil of her eyelashes to reveal the two most beautiful pearls in the world. Her hair looked like exquisite velvet laid out neatly. Her lips, like the petals of the most tender rose. Her voice like the whispering of breeze. Her mood like the evening melting into the night. When she spoke you often forgot to hear the words. The only thing to be done was to wait till the sweet voice filled your ears with comfort. When she laughed you could hear that it was real laughter and that her happiness spread around her. Indeed she is a flower whose fragrance precedes her arrival. It was only about her. There was nothing in me to be exalted upon except that I was lost and somehow she found me. 

   The relationship between two human beings is extremely complicated. If you found the person who can simplify that relation, you are lucky. There are no tags here, we all work on our instincts. When you hit it, you will know. It will change you. You might learn to decipher the meaning of it all a little bit if you are true to yourself. That is where true love lies, all else is harmones.

She was perfect for me.  
 – sahar. 
Featured artwork is contributed by Prabal Pandey.  



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