The Poetry of Jeet Thayil

This morning I was browsing some websites to read some good articles, I chanced upon this one. The article introduced me to one amazing English poet from India, Jeet Thayil and many others. His poetry is the truth as plain it can be..


this is the link to the article:

I am posting one of his poems here for a quick peek.:



In ‘Pushkin Knew Heaven (A Place Where Nothing Happens),’ dawn brings a lightness of being and a feeling approximating contentment. Happiness is when nothing happens.

There’s beauty in stillness:
The first hint of first light
brings me instantly awake.
You stir gently in your sleep,
dig yourself deeper into bed,
my pillow over your head.
The newspaper at the door is cold
from its journey across the city. I
make coffee, as I do each morning,
scan the headlines, sip from the cup,
look out at the quiet street.
There it is, all of it, and it’s nothing
short of a miracle.
If there is such a thing as happiness,
it is this.

– Jeet Thayil


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