Why We Do The Things We Do ?

I still love her the way I always did
Things don’t end in a Single moment.
My words pleased and hurt her.
Words can be dangerous things.
We should always weigh our words.
She taught me many things
The lesson to manner myself
To be gentle like my poetry.
Neither I understood her words
Nor did she read beneath mine.
I had a lot of complaints.
But the storm will eventually subside.
When there is nothing left of you in me
There will still be something left
My face which was reflected in your eyes
The lucid realisation of our hidden parts
Revealed in one master stroke.
No, there is more darkness hidden
But neither I or you can take it.
Because we twisted each other’s arms
At the first sight of it and hid
Deep Inside our egoistic sheets
Of beautiful cruelty and vain perfection
But even when one day she sits alone
She remembers me by my goodness
And doesn’t hate me where I faltered.
For we are humans and imperfect
And we always wonder in loneliness
Why we did the things we did ?

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