Title Doesn’t Matter

A transformation,
or something as small as change,
does not occur ovrnight
hidden behind
is the time
and the feeling of
being different

So what if I can’t be,
all I want,
in a single lifetime
in my stories and in my poems
my characters shall live long after
I am gone.
They shall relive
through the words of someone
like me !

If I won’t b there to be it all
at least I can see it all
and here I sit,
with a perfect view
with buildings.
I know you don’t,
but my words believe me.

I have been there, I’ve done it all.
All the pain and desires, I’ve sufferd it all.

Dead eyes give away,
I’m a man without
a perspective.
the worst kind.
I have grown,
And I am not
anymore me !

But here I am
Synchronised imperfectly
In this perfect harmony
Or so it may seem.
Behind snow capped peak
Is the light
I seek and I am
Not me.

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