Being Undone.

Let us be undone,
In this moment
Forget what we have learnt
Grow back to the point
When we were nascent.
Skip backwards to the days
which are only reminiscent
In our hearts
Of the beautiful time
When none knew deceit,
none lied and vanity was off beat.
Let us unmake our hearts
And carve a beautiful sculpture.
from the stones they have become.
And remember when to forget
the lessons that made us
Less human and more machinist.

Let us be undone
In this moment
and become what we were
What we always longed for.
The child inside us calls loudly
let us close our ears and eyes
And hear and see naught
except what lies inside.
Swim back to the shores
from where we began
Invading our Mother Earth.
Go back to the beginning of it all
And start again.
and become humans after all.

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