Atop the Kailasha
amidst snow and cold
sat a hermit
with his eyes closed
indifferent to differences
unaware of appearances
abiding by no laws
never taking a pause
from his deep meditation
lost in deep contemplation
clad in tiger skin
all animals his kin
a snake garland
ash on forehead
destroyer and life-giver
the hermit was Shiva
rejected and an outcast
never dwells on his past
neither a teacher, nor a preacher
never thinking of the future
he is guileless and tough
lost and unbound
if you look hard enough
within you, he may be found
to be like Shiva
all you need to do
is open that third eye
and take a view
if you can
wield his trident
strike down every impediment
which stands between you
and the Shiva in you.
– Mayank ‘Sahar’ Mishra

Image courtesy: Google 

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