Charles Bukowski

I am glad I met him, as one poet who meets another.

For The Foxes

don’t feel sorry for me.
I am a competent,
satisfied human being.
be sorry for the others
rearrange their
juggling mates
confusion is
and it will
whoever they
deal with.
beware of them:

one of their
key words is
and beware those who
only take
instructions from their

for they have
failed completely to live their own
don’t feel sorry for me
because I am alone
for even
at the most terrible
is my

I am a dog walking

I am a broken

I am a telephone wire
strung up in
Toledo, Ohio

I am a man
eating a meal
this night
in the month of

put your sympathy

they say
water held up
to come
you better be
nearly as

  • Charles Bukowski

Finish It.

You left me too explicit in love
Vulnerable to all its stormy nights
Stuck in a dream, shipwrecked.
But you too are implicit and will be
Wrought beneath my words
Like crushed fragrance of a flower
I will paint you in my poems
And skip the dream for real
Making you the meaning
My words would have died
Leaving behind
An unfinished poem…

Leaving behind 

All those stories we made together

All those thoughts shared

I was left with 

An unconditional love and lots of memories.

Why We Do The Things We Do ?

I still love her the way I always did
Things don’t end in a Single moment.
My words pleased and hurt her.
Words can be dangerous things.
We should always weigh our words.
She taught me many things
The lesson to manner myself
To be gentle like my poetry.
Neither I understood her words
Nor did she read beneath mine.
I had a lot of complaints.
But the storm will eventually subside.
When there is nothing left of you in me
There will still be something left
My face which was reflected in your eyes
The lucid realisation of our hidden parts
Revealed in one master stroke.
No, there is more darkness hidden
But neither I or you can take it.
Because we twisted each other’s arms
At the first sight of it and hid
Deep Inside our egoistic sheets
Of beautiful cruelty and vain perfection
But even when one day she sits alone
She remembers me by my goodness
And doesn’t hate me where I faltered.
For we are humans and imperfect
And we always wonder in loneliness
Why we did the things we did ?

In My Soul.

The material body is destructible
It will pass into the void soon
The ashes will remain behind.
Our dust will rise to the moon.
Our hearts and minds are small
But our souls are large enough
To speak directly to other souls
And then know silently that
Love never departs, it just evolves
From pleasure to pain and then
It slowly moves to define yourself
And it gives peace to know in my soul
That she loves me more than I can know.

   - sahar

A Flock Of Emotions.

It’s just a start, things will drag on to far fetched destination..

we will walk on and cross realms beyond imagination…

Everyday asking the universe for a new relation..

we will walk long roads trotting in hesitation..

balking on banks on the road to perdition..

Till the road diverges again, breaking the tradition..

No blind beliefs, no sheep walk and no representation.

Burying past and luck, walk with me and defy predestination…

One Night Stand With Cocaine 

As the car sped on the highway.
My thoughts
Sitting on the back seat.
I was new,
reflected in the asphalt.
Blinking lights, dancing shadows.
My body, Feeble with fatigue
Twirling between,
My fingers, laying on my palm
The tiny packet
Like a ball of snow.
I was cold, the wind
Blew on my face, everything.
Giving me signs.
The packet kept twirling
The white powder
Wrapped in black tape
A one night stand,
With cocaine.

  • Author Unknown

A Poem About Two Lovers

She loved a shadow,
a shade, a dark fighter in a glade
All out of focus and fade.
He was a mirage lurking to vanish
A dream unsynced out of a wish
He was too willing to surrender
A laughter too old to remember
So far out beneath the thunder
He meditates silently

She loved a perception
A procedural deception
A situation came after
When he took no laughter
In his words or deeds
And he never cared about tomorrow
And always spoke of sorrow.
Of joys there was no need
To several pretends he rarely paid heed

She loved unreal things
She made it possible, her offerings.
She chose him and he, her
That imagination came first
And everything else after.
He played little roles
Worked towards little goals.
Getting closer every day
Being gentle every way.

However the darkness shall hold on
Even when she and him are gone
Long after, the same story shall be retold.
The legends die after they become old.
He saved her from the darkness
By bearing it all inside
Just seek and hide
He looked in her eyes
She looked beneath the lies

He was the end of fear and anger
She was the beginning of something beautiful
He was the end of desires and stranger
She was the very definition of being dutiful.

Ride A Storm 

Hit a stone wall
Break a solid rock
Drink the entire ocean
Capture countless stars
Breathe in the space
Exhale out galaxies
Hunt your wilderness
Climb your eagerness
Fight your weakness
Express your meekness
Will on to your dreams
Swim in the icy streams
Die for your lover and
When in pain, don’t scream
Walk, move and run faster
Avert a natural disaster
Go around the world
Give meaning to your word
Give someone a hope
Climb a hill without rope
Sometimes learn to say ‘nope’
Eat the fruit of the sun
Shoot love from a gun
Prey with the cheetah
Walk like a King
Jump in to the ring
Burn fire and wet water
Be magic like Harry Potter
Look up away from the screen
See the places you haven’t seen
Be something which you haven’t been
Read between the lines
And understand what they mean
Discover the fire within
Receive love in giving
Make a paradise on Earth
Let your ideas take birth
Embrace life, kiss death
Leave your legend after
Nothing of you is left.

 Mayank "Sahar" Mishra