Solitary Musings. 

I don’t know,
what’s right and wrong anymore.
I have blurred those lines,
beyond vision.
And I know not, whether
I should continue on this journey
Or return to being who I was.
Life is an easy puzzle,
If we only pick the right pieces.
Or else it becomes veiled,
Behind a screen of screens.
One day you see something
And the next it is altogether
a completely different scene.
I am confused if I should
try harder or let go,
go along or let this wave pass by.
Maybe the next one
will carry me along with it.
To the shore,
where my dream still awaits.

– sahar (Mayank Mishra)


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“Agar unhey bhee mohabaat  tohdi si hum se hum jaisi hoti,
toh jindagi ki dastaan aur kuch hoti .

Na hum tadaptey apni tanahi mae ,na vho banjarey hotey in mohabaat ki rahon mae,
do adhoorey poorey hotey,
bas unhey bhee agar tohdi si mohabaat hum se hum jaisi hoti.

If he had felt for me the way I for him,
Than story of life would have been different,
Neither I would have been in a lonesome pain, neither he would be wandering for love in a nomad shoes ,
Two incomplete would be complete,
if only he had loved me the way I loved him ..


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They had met each other only in their dreams,

and when they saw each other for real

they thought it was a dream. Such was their dreamy love.



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My Bad 

Lower down the brightness 

prepare a dark ambience 

I am revealing the devil inside me,

make room for a little darkness. 

Hey what you looking at, 

get me the poison of my choice. 

I remind you again very soon,

you shall croon to my voice. 

I am the devil and it’s just my bad,

I am not happy thus revealing my sad,

I need a faith and the love I had,

or else I too am going to be mad. 

My conscience long bargained 

in cheap, priceless stores. 

Aged among antiques, stored 

I was more priceless than the Titanic aboard. 

Only my alter ego 

My semi consciousness, my ‘no’

He stands where I cannot reach

cutting across definitions that I cannot preach. 

They call it my failure

my karma , my sad , my bad. 

But I know it’s a tale told too tad. 

After all it was all my bad. 


              – Sahar 

Kannappa the Stout Devout

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Kannappa – The Stout Devout


He became one of the sixty-three

Nayanmars, the stout devouts of Shiva.

A hunter from the banks of Kalahasti,

Kannappa a hunter, a devout, a giver.


One day while on his hunt,

he found a stone divine,

put all his faith in it,

leaving everything aside.


Kannappa’s God was his friend,

for whom he carried water in his mouth.

And shared what he hunted

with a caring heart.


Lord accepted it all,

but one day , to test his faith,

Shook the earth,

the temple collapsing under its weight.


When all priests ran out to save their lives,

Kannappa ran for what lay inside,

He covered it with his body,

the falling stones littered aside.


One day he saw the lord’s eye bleed,

so he took out his own to fix it.

When the second eye started to bleed,

he marked the bleeding eye with his foot

and set upon pulling out his own.


The story goes, he attained nirvana

Stayed in bliss day and night.

Kannappa had met Shiva

and all was now set right.




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Between the Lines




There is a story here,

amidst the ordinary.

Read it if,

you can smell,

the blooming of the flowers.

Almost hear,

the rising of a power,

the crowning of a King.

Before the storm,

there is always a silence.

Before the actual,

comes always the pretence.

Read between the lines,

you will find my story ,

go along the vines,

maybe you will meet your glory.

– sahar


A war, a journey, a thought. 

For long I have been fooled

over its vicious tunes I drooled. 

For too long I have fought my heart. 

And I always return to the start. 

My journey ends where I began,

nothing ever goes according to plan. 

I have tried and now I know,

nothing is certain, follow the flow.


For long I believed in what I was told,

Very soon another world did unfold,

Before my eyes, a certain flow,

a gust of wind, a speck to blow. 

You can always return to the start

and start again, just don’t halt.

For long I have been writing these wars,
different pens, papers and ink jars. 

The time is now to make peace and verse,

and to vibrate as one with the universe. 

                                       – sahar 


As a young boy,

I used to look at the sun,

with eyes wide open,

I stared at its burns.

I tried to fight,

the burning sensation in my eyes.

After a short while,

I had to close my eyes.

I couldn’t even face it,

let alone stare.

I realized somehow,

things are not fair.

Man is powerless

but beyond the limits of body,

mind is infinite and limitless.

It doesn’t need,

a burning sun to impress.

Nurture the mind

capture the world.

And then one day

you shall face the sun.


-sahar (Mayank Mishra)

The Kickback

I am forced to type,

When I want to write .

Cause there is this hype ,

People don’t read books any more.

Paper is obsolete .

and they read outta screens.

I am tired of those type.

Who just talk and don’t think any more ,

I am forced to follow

When I want to explore

Not smile in fake pictures

Drink potions or mixtures

I want to experience it all

But not out of some chemical

Drugs can’t revisit that call

Which I am trying to hear

While I painted pictures of my own

There is a world who wants to tear down

I am forced to bear witness

To the horrors and terrors

of the things I didn’t choose.

I liked being simple

they made me complicated

and now my habits, they tell me

cannot be tolerated

I am leaving for now

but I will be back

this my friends,

was just the kickback!